МЦ 126

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МЦ 126
Производитель: ЦКИБ СОО
Страна: Россия
Тип оружия: огнестрельное
Назначение: охотничий карабин
Тип ствола: нарезное
Тип заряжания: автоматическое
Система заряжания: многозарядное
Емкость магазина: 3 и 4
Количество стволов: одноствольное
Конец производства: производится
в настоящее время
Длина: 1100 мм
Длина ствола: 560 мм
Вес, кг: 3,4 кг
Калибр: 7,62
Патрон: 7,62 х51

МЦ-126 — самозарядный карабин калибра 7,62 мм под патрон 7,62×51. Выпускается исключительно в штучном исполнении. Автоматическое перезаряжание карабина осуществляется за счет использования энергии пороховых газов, отводимых из канала ствола в подствольный газовый узел, и энергии сжимающейся возвратной пружины.

Система автоматики и конструктивная схема в общих чертах сходны с карабинами МЦ-125, МЦ-127, но имеются существенные отличия, а именно:

  • затвор имеет 3 боевых выступа (у карабинов МЦ-125, МЦ-127 — 4 выступа)
  • кнопочный предохранитель блокирует спусковой крючок и ограничивает перемещение подвижных частей назад, исключая случайное перезаряжание карабина
  • магазины коробчатые емкостью 3 и 4 патрона (а не роторные)
  • имеется затворная задержка, блокирующая подвижные части в заднем положении по израсходовании патронов в магазине
  • возвратная пружина размещается в направляющей поршня (в карабинах МЦ-125, МЦ-127 она размещается в трубке внутри приклада)
  • ложа карабина снабжена резиновым затылком-амортизатором.

Иностранный аналог карабина МЦ 126 — карабин модели «ФО» фирмы Ремингтон (США).

Технические характеристики карабина МЦ 126

Калибр, мм 7,62 (патрон 7,62х51)
Длина карабина, мм 1100
Длина ствола, мм 560
Длина прицельной линии, мм 516
Наибольший поперечник рассеивания пуль на дальность 100 м, мм не более 100
Масса карабина (без оптического прицела ПО4х34), кг не более 3,4

МЦ 26-09 — самозарядный карабин под патрон 9×53 появившийся в опытном порядке в 60-х гг. Основные принципы его конструкции использованы при создании модели МЦ-126 под современный боеприпас.

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Microarray technology was used to identify gene expression differences in the LC and DR between WKY vs Sprague (SD) rats that might account for the WKY phenotype. RNA was isolated from microdissected LC and DR, amplified, and hybridized to microarrays (1 array/subject, n=4/group). Significance of microarray (SAM) analysis revealed increased 수시스템(주) expression of 66 genes in the LC and 19 genes in the DR and decreased expression of 33 genes in the DR of WKY rats. In football, kickers don get much credit. Yet they often make the difference between winning and losing, with a clutch field goal kicker worth his weight in gold. Reliable punters can also flip field position to either save a struggling offense or further enhance a dominating defense. A simple workout to improve the skill begins cheap oakleys with the punter Cheap Jordan Shoes standing along one of the yard lines. Grissom abandoned ship, still spacesuited up. And since he’d inadvertently left an oxygen inlet open in his haste, the suit started taking on water, leaving Grissom struggling to avoid visiting the bottom of the deep blue sea after having so recently visited the wild blue yonder. And just to put a cherry on top of the death by drowning sundae, the helicopter pilot tasked with fishing Grissom out took his sweet time doing so. Apparently, struggling desperately against a watery death looks a whole lot like «having a blast swimming in a spacesuit, lol.»»That was fun! Next, let’s play a round of Slam A Pilot’s Dick In The Helicopter Door.»Or so the story goes.»I Cheap Ray Bans had to use the bathroom and I told the team doctors we could do the protocol in the back,» Newton said after the 41 38 victory against the New Orleans Saints that kept the Panthers (12 Cheap Jordans 0) unbeaten.It was a quick break. Newton, who absorbed a blow to the head on a scramble around right end to the 1 yard line, passed the test and never missed a snap.Still, the circumstances of his case and the flow of how the concussion protocol was conducted was a bit puzzling. Jackson is the first Heisman winner to play on a team that lost its last two games of the regular season since Tim Brown of Notre Dame in 1987. He the first to enter the postseason without a chance to win the national title since Johnny Manziel of Texas replica oakleys A in 2012.1, left). In contrast, RPE melanosomes migrate distally within the apical processes, which interdigitated with the photoreceptors, in light adapted retinas (Fig. 1, right). The light driven translocation of frog RPE melanosomes provided an excellent model to quantify the contribution of RPE melanin to OCT detectable reflectivity. If the melanosome is a primary OCT correlate in the RPE, high OCT reflectivity of the RPE band should be expected in dark adapted retina, due to melanosomes confined in the basal RPE (Fig.
There is Cheap Jordan Sale a telltale upswing in the interest and curiosity surrounding a 95 year old football event that splits the city apart in distinct loyalties every time it is held. Again, it should be a good game.. If you are a huge manufacturer selling units in the tens of millions, shaving just a penny or two off of each bag of cookies or can of cocktail weenies can make a huge difference on your bottom line. He was one of those African American celebrities whose fame transcended borders and religion. «I said, ‘Take your stuff and go. If this is the next big thing in terms of androgynous labels, it might be worth snapping something up quick to keep you ahead of the game (and before the prices get ramped up!). Turn the shade to either side so you can trace around the sides as well. I’m Michel Martin. He concluded that brain damage was either caused or worsened by the number of concussions Waters sustained in his 11 years in the NFL. Stands for f the UCI,» explained Chris Hu, Specialized research and development engineer, with a smile.It’s all done with tongue placed firmly in cheek, Egger said, making the point that rules aren’t always meant to be followed.The UCI oversees races such as the Tour de France. Hewitt (triathlon), R. The position of their eyes means that even if a turkey were to tilt its head back (like they supposedly do, in order to watch the falling rain), it would still be looking to the sides, not up. Enter this number in the quality points column. Walt DisneyWalt Disney had planned on making an Alice In Wonderland film as early as 1932, which would have made it his next project after Snow White. I just click to him to ask him to switch. For example, the serial number 81449243 means cheap China Jerseys the guitar was the 243rd instrument made on the 144th day of 1989.. At the time of this writing he was ranked in the top 10 of all wide receivers in the National Football League.. If you run 10 plays to precision, then I tell you nfl jerseys china what, that’s a successful team. In depth sports coverage is one of the best reasons to get wholesale nfl jerseys Direct TV. The PCR products were separated by 1.2 % ethidium bromide containing agarose gel electrophoresis with 1 X TAE and visualized under UV illumination. The Chargers have until Jan. It may seem silly to pay such an amount of money for this kind of an issue, but in this case, the special cleats allowed him to carry the ball 17 times for 98 yards. Then fresh and constant updated content for bloggers and such. Tragic backstories are cheap jerseys great character development because they show that the hero suffered in the past («Suffer? Hey, that’s what I do every Cheap Jordans day!»), but was then able to get over it and become a better, stronger person.
katie hopkins on the sex trade in cubaBeckham. Christmas Day underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab bought a one way flight from Lagos to Detroit by way ray ban sunglasses sale of Amsterdam and paid in cash. PESCA: Last week, PricewaterhouseCoopers released a wholesale china jerseys report saying a tough economy would mean that the Super Bowl would only generate half that. Louis gave up two draft picks to the Buffalo Bills to move up eight spots to grab their guy, Tavon Austin. Hamilton suggested that we show the slides of Webster’s brain to Dr. However, Nissl bodies were not detected in other types of cells, including those in rosettes. The Steelers have a tradition of hiring young coaches and letting them run the football team without interference (prior to the 2007 season the only two head coaches during the past 38 years were Chuck Noll Cheap MLB Jerseys and Bill Cowher). Statsheet wants to create a program to write entire sports blogs from basically scanning box scores, blogs that readers will think are written by a human. Stimulus onset is indicated by time «0». I promise it wouldn’t. Rock fireplaces grace both the great room and family room, and the entire home surrounds you in a feeling of luxury. Those who have experienced concussions in the past are also prone to certain complications with each subsequent episode. This condition of the Restructuring credit event was meant to pick this up and protect investors from having bond terms changed against their will without being able to trigger CDS.. They can look at the evidence that they see now, they can take whatever action they want to now. So I’m going to be grinding part of that. Craftsman tools has sponsored this race for years, but the series is slated to get a new sponsor in 2009.. cheap nba jerseys Our lacrosse teams have long been very competitive nationally; ice hockey wrestling, soccer.». Blind judge Mark Pearlman is a retired physical education teacher fro Las Vegas, Nevada. I got a transparent book cover material at Office Depot. Way he was getting Wholesale Jerseys everyone involved. Not owning any dolls myself, haunted or otherwise, I headed down to somewhere that sold everything, and for cheap: the Salvation Army. And in 2013 court documents, it summarized its position this way: NCAA denies that it has a legal duty to protect student athletes. In contrast to Bowe, the (attempted) suspensions of the StarCaps Five received a lot of attention and generated considerable controversy, litigation, and even a Congressional hearing, and the Bowe suspension gives us an opportunity to update the StarCaps saga..
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