Мой Сын сегодня впервые был на охоте!!!

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Мой Сынулька которому еще не исполнилось 5ть лет, сегодня впервые был на охоте…

Все получилось чисто случайно, в меру загруженности по работе последние несколько выходных мне пришлось отложить все поездки на охоту и банально работать все выходные на пролет. Вчера я отвез сынульку к родителям, сегодня вечером после работы (не смотря на то что сегодня Воскресенье и нужно было бы эхать на охоту) я поехал забирать сына, поезжаю к дому родителей я увидел автомобиль нашего знакомого заядлого охотника Андрея. На улице за столом седел Отец, Андрей и воле них игрался Димка.

В руках у отца было ружье, той же модели что и отца, за отличием серии, Андрей возращаясь с охоты остановился возле дома родителей и завязался разговор … И здесь прозвучала фраза: А ты был на том ставу ?, Да и что … то что может проедемся?

— Я спросил своего Сына, Димка ты с нами или останешся с бабушкой, мы на охоту ?

— Да, да, да я с Вами — восхищенно сказал 4х летний сын.

И мы все вместе отправились …  продолжение завтра .

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how to wholesale jerseys china fix if an internet search engines cause firefox to crashThe Broncos’ offensive line gave up six sacks in the loss to the Falcons, and no matter who is at quarterback, rookie Paxton Lynch or, if healthy, Trevor Siemian, that is too many hits for a quarterback to take. She also appeared in infomercials with actor/ singer, Frankie Avalon.. Satellite TV service guarantees cheap nfl jerseys ample entertainment that refreshes one s mind. In most plays, a cornerback begins the play in pass coverage on a single receiver. Tonight, 16 women senators sending a letter to Goodell, demanding a new domestic violence policy. Unlike thru hull models, shoot thru models do not require a hole in the boat’s hull. oakley sunglasses sale Gradually increase your pace over the 30 yards so that you at an all out sprint for the final 20 yards. discount football jerseys This is done to keep the wrist isolated. He was expected to appear at the 49ers’ first home game in their new stadium on Sunday night, but was backing out cheap nhl jerseys of his longstanding commitment, reported Cheap nba Jerseys Comcast Sportsnet.. Paint the chair rail in the team third uniform shade for a bright look that screams team spirit.. Getting the right amount of calories is the first step toward losing a percentage of body fat.. They want to do everything in their power to please you. It is usually seen that the distal fracture takes slightly higher time to heal, compared to mid shaft fractures.. The land of the free has plenty of deeply rooted, treasured sport including at the high profile college (university) level, which provides the most satisfying experience for many fans.. Back in December the Duchess wore an Alexander McQueen ice blue dress to the Diplomatic Reception which she wore to the exact same occasion one year earlier. Care should be taken that every part of your debate undergoes the same Cheap Jerseys From China treatment as the introduction, otherwise your audience will be sucked in by a false promise. Embarking on Blackburn’s landmark trip to India for a friendly with FC Pune on Friday, manager Steve Kean hopes to redress the Asian imbalance. Focus on a point on a wall while holding a small ball, such as a squash or racquetball ball. You need to put in; you know, you need to put in you know, a couple hours a week if you’re a recreational player, but if you really want to get good at the game you’re going to have to put in a lot of hours. One person is a woman with disabilities which keep her housebound at least some of the time.». Defensive end, Demarcus Ware had to be let go during the offseason and linebacker Sean Lee will sit out the year with a torn ACL he sustained in training.
The throw from outfielder Bryce Harper beat Turner to the plate, but Lobaton cheap jerseys wholesale lost the ball trying to make the tag.. Palmer has always had a great rapport with Henry and swears that the troubled receiver has finally gotten his life together off the field. Cheap Jerseys However, cheap nfl jerseys everyone needs to earn their living. It wasn’t until 1940 that the colors switched and advertisers decided to just go with pink for girls.. Contrary to Eddie’s view, this is not socialism but good business sense. His death, by all accounts, removed the one anchor in Aaron’s life. «For the ones who are still at [BFAS], their caregivers love them and continue to look for ways to enrich their lives through various ways including training, one on one car rides and giving them individual attention.». Let someone else save the world what’s Alex Winters doing these days?. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was ridiculed, mocked and suppressed by the corrupt and powerful yet he stuck to his message and ensured he was not the focal point, but the message and cause he was advocating for.. The Rams envision the stadium forming the hub of NFL activity on the West Coast. Now let’s look at 3 areas of perceived risk and why some investors might be making big mistakes when it comes to analyzing the risk and reward:. They were on K2 for the same reason I was when I went. And if Congress takes a look with a hearing, you’re going to see the CEOs of these major wholesale china jerseys companies dragged up to Capitol Hill to have to answer questions from lawmakers. There are 2 minute breaks at the end cheap football jerseys china of the first and third quarters (as teams change ends of the field). Scale bar, 50 applies to all main panels. The new movie was actually inspired by a 1998 article about New York City street racing in Vibe. Those are just a few things Excel can do and with extensive functionality, the possibilities in an Excel workbook are nearly endless. I mean, this is a kid who was used to winning his whole life. This allows for a total of three points. A study done on dogs showing signs of separation anxiety started by giving the animals regular doses of a real, effective medication. The skipper of Emirates Team New Zealand can finally open the tap on his emotions. His actions have prompted a number of athletes to follow suit, choosing to either sit, kneel or raise their fists during the anthem before games.. Add global sponsorship and suddenly the US looks more attractive for players.. If there is a tie, a division leader cheap jordans online automatically wins, and then there are six more levels of tiebreakers.
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